Our Values

Empowering Parents

We believe parents are the primary educators of their students and are responsible for the moral and intellectual development of their children. Therefore, we view the Traditional Classroom Program as working in partnership with parents to assist them in fulfilling these responsibilities.

This partnership involves the administration, teachers, students, and parents. Together our focus is to improve student achievement, develop student character, and prepare students to attend four-year colleges and universities. To achieve these goals we encourage parents to become involved in every aspect of their student’s education.

College Readiness

The primary goal of the Traditional Classroom Program is to prepare every student to attend a four-year college or university and instill in them the confidence to accomplish their educational goals following high school.

Since the first class graduated from the Traditional Classroom Program in 2000, we have had remarkable success in achieving this goal. Ninety-eight percent of Traditional Classroom Program graduates are accepted to colleges or universities after graduation. Our graduates have attended prestigious universities throughout the United States and have made significant contributions to their communities.

Educational Innovation

The Traditional Classroom Program faculty utilizes innovative teaching practices, cutting edge technology, and a highly effective curriculum to continually improve student achievement.

By fusing a time-tested focus on the fundamental foundations of education with new learning strategies that foster creativity and effective thinking skills, the faculty is continuously developing ways to meet the educational needs of each student.

Our unique and disciplined approach to teaching and learning has created a safe, orderly, and supportive learning environment that fosters high academic achievement.

Academic Excellence

The Traditional Classroom Program faculty makes academic achievement their top priority. Our campus is focused on academics and is a place where young student-scholars feel welcome.

Because of an Academic Performance Index (API) consistently over 900, exceptional student performance on the SAT, and rigorous academic curriculum, the Traditional Classroom Program is recognized as one of the top performing high schools in the state of California.

Leadership and Service