About Us

Classroom-Based Instruction | By design, the Traditional Classroom Program (TCP) is a small, intimate learning environment. TCP class sizes average 20 students, as opposed to over 35 in many district schools today. By keeping the teacher to student ratio low, we create close-knit environment where students benefit by receiving personalized instruction.

Even though the classroom setting is traditional, the instructional approach is innovative and engaging. The TCP instructors take advantage of the small classroom environment by providing meaningful conversation, debate, and student interaction. Students are given collaborative learning and project-based assignments which make the curriculum more relevant.

The TCP Academic Advisor meets with each student individually on a regular basis to plan for their high school success and college preparation. Students work with the advisor to optimize their academic program based on specific college and career goals. The advisor periodically meets with students to review progress, assess aptitudes, and make recommendations.

Traditional Schedule | The TCP schedule is a typical high-school schedule familiar to all. TCP students are required to attend classes five days a week, six periods a day, two semesters a year with summertime off and vacation time on major holidays. All instruction takes place on campus in a classroom setting.

Classroom instruction prepares students to be college-ready after graduation. Lecture/note-taking, study habits, and daily homework are hallmarks of a classical education. Being on campus for the required hours provides daily social interaction and fosters a unique, family-oriented campus culture. TCP students are required to complete community service activities each school year. This experience provides an opportunity for personal growth and recognition of the value of giving back while adding depth to their college application resumes.

College Readiness | TCP offers college preparatory, honors and advanced placement classes. All TCP curriculum is promotes critical thinking, creative problem solving and other important academic skills. TCP places heavy emphasis on college-prep reading, writing, math and science. Students pursuing the advanced academic diploma will complete three years of lab science and a fourth year of higher-level math.

Advanced Academic Diploma (260 Credits): This diploma plan is designed for students who are planning to attend the University of California system or other highly competitive schools. All students entering this program must be prepared to take college preparatory courses in English, science, mathematics, and first year foreign language as a freshman.

Academic Diploma (230 Credits): This diploma plan is designed for students who are planning to attend California State Universities and colleges with equivalent entrance requirements. Students entering this program must be prepared to take college preparatory courses by their sophomore year.

The TCP Academic Advisor offers assistance and guidance to parents and students who are preparing to apply to colleges and universities. At each grade level there are specific training sessions focused on the steps to be taken and goals to be achieved during that academic year. During the senior year, the series of training sessions culminate in applications for scholarships and college/university entrance. Because of this program, ECHS TCP students have a tremendous track record for receiving scholarships and gaining entrance to the most competitive colleges and universities.

Student Enrichment | Both TCP and ILP students have many options for participation in enrichment activities that complement their academic program. At ECHS academic achievement is the priority; therefore, in order for students to participate in extracurricular activities, they must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average.

In order to allow students to develop skills that will be useful in their future professional endeavors, ECHS offers Academically Oriented Activities including: ASB, Key Club, Robotics, Choir, Drama, and Saxon Day.

ECHS Athletics provide the opportunity to build character, maintain physical fitness and cultivate a spirit of teamwork. School families and the community rally in support of all participants. ECHS currently offers the following team sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cross- Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball.

ECHS provides social activities in a family-friendly environment where all students are welcome to participate and show their school spirit. Social Activities include: Homecoming Game, Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, Spring Formal, Prom, Arts Festivals, Grad Night, and Graduation Ceremonies.