American Heritage Charter Schools is profiled on The Mike Slater Show.

American Heritage Charter Schools (AHCS) was recently profiled on The Mike Slater Show. The show is heard weekdays on KFMB radio (AM 760) from 9am to noon.  The segment included an interview between Mr. Slater and Dennis “Coach” Snyder, AHCS’s CEO and Founder. The two discussed the recent grand opening of AHCS’s Digital Academy Middle School campus in Escondido where Mr. Slater had served as a key-note speaker. The event celebrated the spirit of cooperation between the City of Escondido, school board members, Echo Pacific Construction Company and Pacific Western Bank that helped to make the new campus a reality.

Mr. Slater is a strong advocate of the charter school movement and choice in public education. He reflected on his experience at the opening ceremony. “I love the patriotism that I saw first-hand in those 300 students. To see our youth so supportive of our country is remarkable.”

The interview also highlighted AHCS’s five local-area campuses, all of which offer a tuition-free choice for parents. Coach Snyder commented, “We want parents to know that they have a choice. We are a public school and tax dollars fund our operations. Parents who want more from education now have an additional choice besides the private school option.  Our family of charter schools provides that same level of education as a private school and it is tuition-free.”  Mr. Slater also noted that AHCS are among the most established and highest performing schools in the State of California. Operating since 1996, AHCS are ranked among the top ranked public schools in the State of California based on API scores.

When asked why AHCS have been so successful, Coach Snyder pointed to the organization’s culture of teamwork and its focus on improving pupil learning by educating students in both wisdom and virtue. “We believe that schools should focus on character development, as well as academic development. We strive to instill individual initiative and have our students gain an appreciation of the heritage of our country which includes the ideals of service, liberty, integrity, equality, hard-work and responsibility.” download