ILP Attendance

In the ILP Program, the Teacher of Record is the key person in the student’s educational process. Students meet weekly with the Teacher of Record (TOR) to cover core subjects such as English, social science, and science. In addition, students spend multiple hours every week in the Technology Center or the Math Center or math Modules to earn the required credits in those subjects. The Teacher of Record is also responsible for student attendance, communication with parents, and scheduling. Every Teacher of Record holds a California teaching credential. Attendance at the weekly meeting with the Teacher of Record (TOR), other scheduled classes, and standardized testing is mandatory. Students who consistently miss educational opportunities will be placed on a Probationary Contract or dropped from the ILP Program. Students may also attend classes at Palomar College to earn credits. The ILP curriculum is aligned to the California Content Standards. College Prep courses taught in ILP have been accepted by the University of California (UC) and California State (CSU) university system.

Academic Performance

ILP is a performance-based program. Students are required to meet minimum work performance standards and must consistently attend their weekly meeting with their Teacher of Record and other scheduled classes. Students falling below this standard will be placed on a Probationary contract or will be dropped from ILP. Students who cannot make progress in the ILP program may be refereed back to their home district for placement.


ILP students are required to pass core knowledge tests at the end of each core course to validate their mastery of basic material. ILP students are also required by contract and by law to participate in all state mandated testing programs including STAR and the California High School Exit Exam. Failure to attend these tests at scheduled times may result in the student being placed on a Probationary contract or being dropped from the ILP program.

Leaving Class and Leaving Campus

ILP students must be at school, home, work, or otherwise supervised by a parent/guardian when not a the school during traditional school hours (7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) After ILP students have finished meeting with their Teacher of Record, completed a modular class, or any other assigned activity, the students must, as a general rule leave the campus. ILP students are not permitted to wait or loiter in the Student Union or the Commons.