Air Pollution Control District – County of San Diego Announcement

Dear Parent,
Sometime after May 22, 2016, the OAAI Gas Station and Market at the corner of E. Valley Parkway and Midway will begin installing four new gas pumps. Because the gas station is located within one-fourth mile of our school, California law requires parents of K-12 students to be notified 30 days before the installation permit can be approved. Although this modification has the potential to emit toxic contaminants into the air, the proposed project has gone through preliminary review by the San Diego Air Pollution Control District and is expected to operate in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

The following link provides more details about the regulations regarding this project and a point of contact for questions that you may have:

Air Pollution Control District – County of San Diego
Announcement: part 1 – part 2

If after reviewing the link you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Air Pollution Control District at (858) 586-2727.