Director’s Message


Thank you for your interest in the Individualized Learning Program (ILP) at Escondido Charter High School.  We are a tuition-free public charter school of choice serving grades 9-12 since 1996.  We are dedicated to providing the best education possible in a safe and orderly learning environment.

Our ILP students have a flexible, individualized schedule.  Students meet one-on-one with their Teacher of Record at least once a week for their core subjects.  Math and computer requirements are met by attending modules that meet twice a week throughout the year.  In addition, ILP students may attend community college to earn high school and college credits.

The Individualized Learning Program works very well for many students, but it is not for everyone.  Students must be motivated and have self-discipline in order for the program to work properly.  Student attendance at weekly meetings with their Teacher of Record and other scheduled classes is mandatory.  Students may be dropped from enrollment if they miss three appointments in a row or if they consistently fail to complete their homework assignments.

The staff at Escondido Charter High School believes that the parents and the school share a dual responsibility in helping students adhere to an education plan that will provide them with the opportunity to succeed as scholars and citizens.  Please explore our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss the enrollment process.

Deron Galindo, Director
Individualized Learning Program