Program Information

Individualized Learning Program (ILP)

One-on-one Instruction

Your student will be assigned a Teacher of Record (TOR) who will be the key person throughout their academic experience. Teachers provide in-depth, one-on-one instruction and assist with course selection and sequence.  These specialized teachers are adept at tailoring the instruction to each of the students’ needs.

Teachers of Record really get to know their students.  In most cases, students and teachers stay together for the entire four years.  We take care in matching student personalities and learning styles with the right teacher for them.  Through these strong relationships, the teachers are able to hold students accountable for completion and comprehension of course material.

Each Teacher of Record functions also as an academic advisor for their students.  They make sure students are meeting graduation requirements and planning for their future.  If a student plans to go on to college, pursue a career, or join the military, the Teachers will help coordinate all necessary requirements. 

Flexible Schedule

As opposed to a traditional school schedule, Individualized Learning Program (ILP) students have a flexible, part-time schedule similar to that of college students.  ILP students meet with their Teachers for one-hour each week and attend school on a year-round basis.  In addition to their weekly one-on-one meeting, they also take modular courses for computers, math and career courses.  Modular courses are generally two hours per day, two days per week for a 16-20 week period.

ILP students must possess the motivation and skills to work independently with parental oversight.  The majority of the work will be completed at home; therefore students must have proficient reading and research skills.  Students typically work on only one or two subjects at a time, allowing them to focus on the material more intently.

ILP provides students the ability to work at their own pace and pursue outside activities and interests.  Some students opt to accelerate their studies and graduate early.  Others are simultaneously enrolled in Palomar College courses and earning college credit while completing high school.  Many are pursuing outside interest such as amateur/pro-athletics or other competitions as well as entertainment careers. 

College and Career Preparation

ILP is a fully WASC accredited program that provides the widest range of options for high school students.  All ECHS teachers are credentialed.  The Teachers of Record work extensively with students and parents to help determine the academic plan that helps the individual reach their highest potential.

ILP students have a wide range of options available for them to pursue at ECHS.  Listed below are two college-bound plans, a basic high school graduation plan, and career technical education available to all ILP students.  Civil Air Patrol is offered to students interested in military careers. 

·         Advanced Academic Diploma (260 Credits): This diploma plan is designed for students who are planning to attend the University of California system or other highly competitive schools. All students entering this program must be prepared to take college preparatory courses in English, science, mathematics, and first year foreign language as a freshman.

·         Academic Diploma (230 Credits): This diploma plan is designed for students who are planning to attend California State Universities and colleges with equivalent entrance requirements. Students entering this program must be prepared to take college preparatory courses by their sophomore year.

·         General Diploma (210 Credits): This diploma plan is designed for ILP students who are planning to enter the work force and/or attend community college or vocational training programs after graduation. Although focused on general level courses, students may take college preparatory courses in the major academic areas.

·         Career Technical Education courses are available to all ILP students regardless of their chosen credit plan.  ECHS is currently offering modular courses in areas that require additional training beyond high school.  Courses are articulated with Palomar College and students may receive college credit for courses completed.  Students are encouraged to continue with their chosen field of study beyond high school.  We currently offer courses in the following career pathways:

o   Fire Technology         

o   Criminal Justice

Student Enrichment

Both TCP and ILP students have many options to participate in enrichment activities which will complement their academic program.  At ECHS academic achievement is the priority, therefore in order for students to participate in extracurricular activities they must minimally maintain a 2.5 grade point average. 

In order to allow students to develop skills that will be useful in their future professional endeavors, ECHS offers Academically Oriented Activities including:  ASB, Key Club, Robotics, Choir, Drama, and Saxon Day.

ECHS Athletics provide the opportunity to build character, maintain physical fitness and cultivate a spirit of teamwork.  School families and the community rally in support of all participants.  ECHS currently offers the following team sports:  Baseball, Basketball, Cross-Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball.

ECHS provides social activities in a family-friendly environment where all students are welcome to participate and show their school spirit. Social Activities include: Homecoming Game, Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, Spring Formal, Arts Festivals, Grad Night, and Graduation Ceremonies.