What is the Individualized Learning Program (ILP)?
  • ILP is a year-around independent study program.
  • Students have a flexible, part-time schedule similar to a college student.
  • It is not an everyday, all-day program.
  • It is homework driven.
How often will my student attend school on campus?
  • It depends how the student is scheduled. Teachers meet with their students one day a week for one hour at a time.
  • Math requires two days a week in a two-hour block.
  • ILP also offers elective classes that also meet two days a week in two-hour blocks.
  • Each student has a unique schedule.
Who decides what classes my student will take?
  • Your child will be assigned to a Teacher of Record (TOR). The TOR will act as a counselor and plan your child’s academic schedule.
  • The TOR will make sure that your child is meeting the graduation requirements.
Can my child attend college after he or she graduates from ILP?
  • The ILP college-prep curriculum meets the UC system A-G requirements.
  • Foreign language and lab science courses may be completed through Palomar College (or most community colleges).
  • Spanish, Biology and Chemistry are offered on campus in ILP module classes.
  • ILP students may attend community college while still in high school.
May an ILP student be on campus when he or she doesn’t have a class?
  • It depends on the student’s schedule.
  • ILP students should not be on campus unless they have a class. Once the class is over, ILP students are not allowed to “hang out” on campus.
  • Independent study law applies.
May ILP students participate in sports and clubs?
  • ILP students are invited to participate in sports and clubs.
  • A 2.5 GPA is required for athletic eligibility.
  • ECHS offers: ASB, NHS, CSF, Robotics, Civil Air Patrol, CIF sports, etc…
Is ECHS accredited?
  • ECHS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • ECHS credits are transferable to any college or university.
  • All teachers are credentialed.
Academic Accomplishments
  • CAHSEE- in March 2011, 98% of 10th graders passed English Language Arts and 92% passed Math on the first attempt.
  • Academic Performance Index (API)- The ECHS 2012 API is 836.
  • The ECHS Statewide Ranking of 9 means that our API is in the top 20% of all high schools in the state.
  • ECHS students scored higher in every section of the SAT when compared to the state average.
  • Critical Reading: 532  (State avg. 499)
  • Math: 538  (State avg. 515)
  • Writing: 517  (State avg. 499)
What does “performance based” mean?
  • ILP students must attend school and submit homework on a regular basis, or be subject to disenrollment.
  • Students must be motivated and have self-discipline to make the program work.
  • Students must earn a “C” on their homework, or they will have to re-do the work.
How to we enroll?
  • Students must be tested in reading and math.
  • A copy of the student’s unofficial transcript and immunization record must be provided.
  • Incoming freshmen must provide an 8th grade report card.
  • Provide copies of any special education information.
  • Behavior/SARB history: only enrolled with ILP Director’s approval.
  • Do not drop your student from their current school until you know that your student will be able to enroll at ECHS.
  • Please call the ECHS Admissions Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the ILP admissions process.

Admissions Coordinator: Judy Brooks


(760) 737-3154, ext. 162

(760) 466-1182, fax