3D Printing

3D printing

Course Description: Three Dimensional Design and Fabrication — (can be used for Level 3 computers)
The 3D Design and Fabrication course is intended to offer students an introduction to the world of computer generated 3-D modeling and manufacturing. As an introductory course, it provides a basic understanding of the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications. In this online course, we will explore basic mesh modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering. This course should provide a good basis for further independent study in architectural, engineering, game, theatrical and character modeling:
This class requires a great deal of self-discipline and self-motivation. I strongly urge you to set aside a specific time period each week to work on the learning units, exercises and projects.
Pre-requisite: Computers Level One, Two, Three and Geometry A&B
1. Students will learn the proper use of the Blender software to design a variety of 3D projects. They will design, Jewelry, a Robot, Wind Sculpture and a 3D geometric shape using forms learned in Geometry.
2. Students will learn how to use textures and materials, use of Mesh modeling, particles UV Textures and Sculpting.
3. Students will learn how to calculate the strength of thermal plastics, discover the tools of good design and build prototypes for fabrication.
4. Students will learn how to print their object on a 3D printer as a design prototype.