Heritage Digital Academy Holds Grand Opening Ceremony

Classes at American Heritage Charter Schools’ new Heritage Digital Academy Middle School began on September 3, but celebrations kicked off on September 26 with a lively grand opening.  Several key supporters were in attendance, including Mayor of Escondido Sam Abed, Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, school board members and members of the construction company that helped build the academy in a miraculous eight weeks.  This team effort signified a rare occurrence for public schools: a partnership between public and private entities, all unified on the same front.

“It’s rare to have everyone so aligned and that’s why it’s unique,” said Assemblywoman Waldron, expressing her support.

Over 300 academy students filled the gymnasium, and looked up toward the framed American flag that rested against the podium, symbolizing core values of the American Heritage Charter Schools.  Dennis “Coach” Snyder, the school’s founder, led celebrations.

“It’s all about teamwork, and it’s all about the students,” said Snyder.  “Are they getting the quality education, are we challenging them, and are we also teaching them values that will help them become better citizens in our nation?”

The Heritage Digital Academy blends traditional classroom instruction with a technology-rich learning environment to enhance and personalize the education of its students.  “We understand the importance of technology in creating a competitive education for our students,” commented Cinda Doughty, the school’s director.

“Education is very important to our future.  It’s very important to our economic prosperity as well,” said Mayor Sam Abed.  “We need an educated workforce to compete.”

Heritage Digital Academy’s curriculum and programs offer the competitive preparation students need to be successful in the modern global marketplace.

American Heritage Charter Schools is a non-profit educational organization that champions values, patriotism and character development.  With its small class sizes, a technology-rich learning environment and exemplary academics, American Heritage strives to create tomorrow’s leaders, today.  Visit www.EscondidoCharter.com or call (760) 737-3154 for information.  American Heritage Charter Schools, “Education is our Business.”

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron and Coach Snyder

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron and Coach Snyder

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed

Heritage Digital Academy studentsHeritage Digital Academy students