The new Heritage Digital Academy Middle School is a symbol of the American entrepreneurial spirit

A shiny, new flagpole proudly flying the American flag, a new blacktop play area, and state-of-the-art computer systems are just a few of the major improvements that have been made to a formerly vacant commercial property that now houses a prestigious place of learning: The Heritage Digital Academy Middle School.  The grand opening celebration was recently held at the newly completed campus to honor the cooperative efforts of the City of Escondido, Echo Pacific Construction Company, and Pacific Western Bank, which made the project a reality.

Heritage Digital Academy Middle School is the most recent campus for the high-achieving, virtue-based family of American Heritage Charter Schools.  The Heritage Digital Academy utilizes a combination of both traditional education and technology to enhance the one-on-one instruction provided in its exceptional learning environment.

 “There’s a lot of face-to-face interaction as well as computer-based instruction,” said Cinda Doughty, the Director at Heritage Digital Academy.  “Education here is very personalized, not one-size-fits-all.”

Belonging to the family of American Heritage Charter Schools, the Heritage Digital Academy also stresses a curriculum that would make America’s Founding Fathers proud.  Leading the patriotic charge is Dennis ‘Coach’ Snyder, the CEO and Founder of American Heritage Charter Schools.

“Benjamin Franklin said we need to educate our youth in both wisdom and virtue.” said Snyder. “We’ve got a lot of intelligent people in this nation, but without virtue, without character, without ethics, we’re not going to remain the great nation that our Founding Fathers envisioned that we would have.”

The grand opening celebration was attended by key supporters and dignitaries, including State Assemblywoman, Marie Waldron; the Mayor of Escondido, Sam Abed; school board members; officials from Pacific Western Bank; and representatives of the Echo Pacific Construction Company, who constructed the academy campus in a miraculous eight weeks.  The focus of all involved in this project was the same:  provide a top-notch ‘educational choice’ for local students and parents.

 “It’s rare to have everyone so aligned and that’s why it’s so unique,” said Assemblywoman Waldron, a passionate legislator, who has experience with the bureaucratic side of California’s educational system.

Representatives from the City of Escondido shared this sentiment.  “Education is very important to our future.  It’s very important to our City’s economic prosperity,” said Mayor Sam Abed.  “We need an educated workforce.”

Serving just over 300 students from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic levels, the Heritage Digital Academy Middle School campus is dedicated to continuing American Heritage Charter School’s track record of success and academic achievement.