American Heritage Schools Profiled on UT-TV

American Heritage Charter Schools (AHCS) was recently profiled on The Roger Hedgecock Show.  The segment, which aired on UT-TV on Wednesday, October 17, 2013, included a discussion with AHCS’s CEO and Founder, Dennis “Coach” Snyder, that focused on the benefits of choice in public education.

 The discussion highlighted AHCS’s five local area campuses, all of which are tuition free and offer parents a choice in the education of their children.   It was noted that AHCS are among the most established and highest performing charter schools in the state of California and have grown from approximately 60 students at the outset in 1996 to over 1,700 students currently.

The segment also included a review of AHCS’s superior academic performance.  AHCS are ranked among the top 10% of all public schools in the state of California based on API scores.  Also, 97% of AHCS Heritage K-8 eighth-grade students scored proficient or advanced in general math on the latest California Standardized Testing, as compared with the state average of scoring less than 50%.   It was also noted that given the state’s current charter school funding model, AHCS maintains their exceptional academic standards despite receiving about 33% less funding on average when compared to other public schools.

When asked why AHCS have been so successful, Coach Snyder pointed to the school’s culture of teamwork and its focus on improving pupil learning by educating students in both wisdom and virtue.  “Character counts.  We believe that academic vigor must be supplemented by character development. We strive to create individual initiative and an appreciation of the heritage of our great nation and our ideals of service, integrity, equality, hard work and responsibility. “

The segment concluded with a discussion of the recent successful public/private partnership that resulted in the new American Heritage Digital Academy Middle School campus located at a former vacant city-owned commercial building.  Coach Snyder commented “This is a great model of what we can accomplish by working together.”  The project, which involved numerous constituents including the City of Escondido, Echo Pacific Construction Company, Pacific Western Bank, and local-area education philanthropists, resulted in a new 350-seat campus for the Heritage Digital Academy Middle School.