Heritage K-8 Fundraisers

Without the support of our parents, students, and community, Heritage K-8 Charter School could not have accomplished the successes that it has over the past eleven years. Your support has enabled us to update classroom technology to include student and teacher computers, projectors, docu-cams and sound systems. With the aide of this technology, teachers have been able to explore new modes of teaching while utilizing internet resources, computer programs, and other educationally enriching resources.

As we move ahead, technology keeps improving, but we can’t forget the basics. Our next mission is to bring back the basic and fundamental library which was lost due to lack of space and state funding. While we still work to overcome these same obstacles, your help and support will make this goal a realistic one.

We appreciate any and all support that our community can offer. If you are interested in making a general donation unrelated to a specific fundraiser, please contact Veronica Farran at vfarran@echs.org.

Ways to support us:
Family Fun Day
Building Tomorrow’s Library
Local Businesses Support Us