Medication Authorization Form

When your student needs to take medication during school hours, prescription or over-the counter, our school board policy requires that the parent and the physician complete a district medication form. This form authorizes school personnel to give medication to the student as ordered by the physician and agreed to by the parent. We cannot deviate from the instructions provided by the physician. If the time or dose changes, we must receive a new, signed authorization form from the physician and the parent. Forms are available in the Main Office or at the link listed below. A new form must be filled out for each school year. The medication must be brought by the parent and accompanied by the physician’s authorization (signed by the parent). The medication must be in the original bottle.  It is against California law for students to carry medication on a school campus. Special consideration is given to those students with a life-threatening condition such as severe asthma and bee sting allergies. Students may carry asthma inhalers or Epipen with a doctor’s authorization on file in the office. Please consult with the Main Office on how to proceed with these individual needs. Please note that sunscreen is not considered a medication and does not need a doctor’s note or prescription to be used at school. We request that all sunscreen be kept in the Main Office so that it does not create a disruption on campus. These procedures are designed to ensure the health and safety of all our students.

Medication Authorization Form 2016