Grades 7-8 Robotics at HDA

PARENT MEETING – Tuesday, August 30th, 6:00 PM, in the HK8 Multi-Purpose Room.

American Heritage Charter Robotics

Vision and Mission

The vision of the American Heritage Charter Robotics Program is to stimulate intellectual curiosity, enhance critical-thinking abilities, build problem-solving skills, develop a love of science and technology, and foster a culture of excellence. It is the mission of the American Heritage Charter Robotics Program to provide a positive team experience through robotics and promote science and technology within the school and in the greater community. The team experience will allow students to develop communication, project management, and interactive skills, as well as build a sense of community and encourage dedication to a common goal.

Grades 7-8  FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), August – February

This year, we are adding a second official FTC team to the lineup. Both teams will include members from Heritage K-8 Charter School and Heritage Digital Academy.

The existing FTC team – Kronos – will include most of the returning students from last year’s team, and some new 7th graders from both schools. The new team – the Titans – will include some former Kronos members, as well as students who are new to FTC robotics, from both schools, in grades 7 & 8.

The shop for both teams is located on the Heritage K-8 campus, at the back of the 1865 building. Both teams will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Kronos meeting from 3-6 PM and the Titans meeting from 5-8 PM.

Teams will be limited to 10 students each. All 8th grade students (who were not on Kronos last year) will be assigned to the Titans. 7th grade students will be divided between the two teams, based on team enrollment needs. The intention is to have two equally strong teams that will collaborate in the shop and on the field.

The 7th and 8th grade robotics program participates in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Students who maintain a 2.5 or better GPA can join the team, starting in August. The FTC program will meet in the 1865 building at Heritage K-8 Charter School.

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is the program level above FLL for American Heritage Charter Robotics. 7th and 8th graders on the FTC team will:

  • Design and build metal robots, in a metal shop setting, to perform tasks on a course,
  • Program the robot in JAVA
  • participate in four local league meets, and
  • possibly, move on to the Southern California Regional FTC Championship

Handbook and Applications

Grades 7-8, 2016-17 Robotics Handbook – CLICK HERE

Grades 7-8, 2016-17 Robotics Application – CLICK HERE

Please turn in the signed application at the front desk no later than Friday, August 26, 2016. The first meeting of the teams will be on Thursday, September 1, 2016. All paperwork must be turned in prior to attending.

FTC Links

  • Official FTC website – CLICK HERE
  • 2016 FTC Game – coming soon

Parent Involvement

Our program runs on parent volunteers. The FTC team requires two parent coaches and several other parent volunteers. No previous experience is necessary, but it helps if you have worked in a shop environment, are handy with tools, or if you have knowledge of JAVA and/or the Android operating system. We will train and support our volunteers. All volunteers must be screened for TB, and the coaches must also pass a background check.


For more information, please contact David Tarr, Director of Robotics, at