Support Our Schools

At American Heritage Charter Schools, education is our business, and our focus remains on improving pupil learning. Since its inception, AHCS has practiced fiscal discipline that allows more of our funding to go directly to the classroom.

California charter schools are state funded, but on average receive thirty percent less funding than district schools. Our goal of providing the highest quality education has been consistently achieved as proven by our results:

-Test scores ranked among highest in the state
-Graduation rate of 97%
-Students accepted to top colleges and universities
-Multiple honors, scholarships and student awards

We have achieved this success with less revenue, but it is becoming more difficult to fund our programs as state funding is reduced each year.

Today’s Challenges | Because we have achieved such positive results, the community has responded and we now maintain waiting lists to accept new students into most programs. In order to answer the call to offer more students the opportunity to join the AHCS family, expansion is required. However, the state budget crisis has created a big challenge. As school funding reductions and deferrals continue, not only does this severely impact our plans for growth, it also threatens our ability to maintain our current programs from year to year.

Ways to Support AHCS | AHCS greatly appreciates every bit of support we receive. There are many ways to help our schools, some of them at no cost to the contributor.

Passive Fundraising
– Albertson’s Community Partners
– ATM cards connected to our schools
– Rubio’s designated days
– Panda Express designated days

Donate Specific Items
– Computers
– Vehicles
– Golf Carts
– Power Tools

Participate in Fundraisers
– Individual Programs
– Athletics
– Robotics
– Dollar-A-Day Club

Major Initiatives | AHCS is always striving to provide the latest in technology, sports equipment, and facilities for our students. In order to maintain high quality programs and continue improvement,AHCS applies for several major and minor grants each year. We also partner with individuals, foundations, private donors, and local and national companies. The major initiatives list is always changing but currently we are seeking assistance in the following categories:

Facilities/Expansion [ $10 million ]
– Storage Space, Building Expansions
– Sports Fields, New Facilities Growth

Technology Upgrade [ $3,000 – $5,000 per classroom ]
– Projection Technology for Classrooms

Technology Upgrade [ $20,000 per lab ]
– Student Labs Computer Upgrades

Technology Upgrade [ $50,000 ]
– Teacher/Staff Computer Upgrades

Athletics Fund [ $8,000 per year ]
– Equipment, Officials, Field Rentals
– Transportation, Coach Stipends

Maintenance Fund [ $22,000 or items new/used ]
– Vehicles, Golf Carts, Power Tools,

Science Equipment Fund [ $5,000 ]
– Replace Lab Kits, Update Equipment