The American Spirit Theater is available for rental by the public. Reservations tend to be made for the weekends or up to two consecutive weekdays. Please note that reservations for three or more consecutive weekdays will not be accepted. To reserve a date, please do the following:

1) Check the Theater Calendar to see if the date you would like is available.

2) Look at the Fee Schedule to determine your cost.

3) Download, complete, and return the Facility Use Application.

4) Print, complete, sign, and deliver the Liability Release form.
This form can be faxed to:
(760) 738-8996, attention David Tarr, or emailed to David at:

The original can then be mailed or delivered to:

Escondido Charter High School
1868 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027
Attn: Juan Reynoso

5) Have your insurance provider send a copy of your liability insurance to Terri Johnson,, with Escondido Charter High School and the American Heritage Education Foundation
listed as additional insureds.

6) Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit.

All paperwork, and the deposit, must be delivered at least 10 business days prior to your event.