Throughout our programs, we promote values that will help our students to be successful.

Empowering Parents

We believe parents are ultimately responsible for their student’s education. While the school takes the lead in the student’s daily learning experience, we believe that parents should also assume an active role in their education. We encourage parents to choose a school that supports their role as primary educator and provides the experience they feel best suits their student.

We partner with parents to encourage academic success. We keep our parents informed and involved. We encourage them to meet with their student’s teachers to learn how they can assist their student at home. We invite participation through parent groups and individual volunteers on campus.

We honor parents and support families. We believe that parents are responsible for teaching their own family values and beliefs. We respect parental authority and seek to affirm the role of parents as leaders in the home.   We promote family-friendly activities, and encourage our students to dress and behave in a manner that bolsters success.

Academic Excellence

We hold our students to high academic standards. We set high expectations and help our students to reach them. We challenge our students to excel with assignments that require them to think critically. Our grading scale and grade-based promotions are based on merit and performance.

We ensure a solid base of fundamental knowledge and skills. Our Elementary and Junior High programs are designed to prepare our students for the rigors of ECHS. Our high school college prep courses meet or exceed all state standards and have been accepted by the University of California system as meeting their entrance requirements. We require our students to demonstrate mastery in core academic subjects, and our students routinely perform well on standardized tests and the California High School Exit Exam.

We are committed to providing a rigorous college-prep education. We offer an advanced academic curriculum at ECHS that meets or exceeds the entrance requirements of highly-competitive universities. Many of our students take additional years of science and math. We encourage our students to take AP courses, and they have regularly performed well on the AP exams.

We motivate our students to develop higher-order thinking skills. We challenge our students to move beyond an understanding of the facts, and encourage them to develop creative problem-solving skills. At the high school level, our teachers prepare students for the rigors of college coursework by requiring analysis and evaluation of concepts and principles.

Character Building

We provide a supportive environment to help students strengthen positive character traits. We believe in fostering honesty and integrity. We promote the development self-discipline. We help our students to gain a healthy respect for hard work and encourage self-sacrifice through community service.

At American Heritage Charter Schools, we have a unique opportunity to provide our youngest students with positive role models, and maintain that support over time. This continuity of influence – over 13 years – provides us with both the privilege and the obligation to get to know our students and parents, so that we can best serve their interests. We want our students to have the courage and will to challenge themselves to succeed.