Welcome to American Heritage Charter Schools

Easter Break

All American Heritage Charter Schools are on Easter Break March 30th through April 6th. School will be back in session Tuesday the 7th.

Neighborhood Transformation Project


Escondido Charter High School and Heritage K-8 Charter School are both located in the new ‘East Escondido Neighborhood Transformation Project (NTP)’ – click through to read more about it…. Continue reading

Public ‘Charter School’ Choice


Every January ‘National School Choice Week’ provides an opportunity to focus attention on the educational choices that are available to students. Continue reading

Academic Awards Pep Rally


ECHS celebrates academic achievement at its fall Academic Awards Pep Rally.

Drawing Out Genius – The Art of Personalizing Education


On Saturday September 13, Escondido Charter High School hosted a private cast and crew screening of the documentary Drawing Out Genius© -The Art of Personalizing Education, in the Escondido Charter High Schools (ECHS) “American Spirit Theater.” The film was largely filmed by … Continue reading