American Heritage Charter Schools

Tis the Season at American Heritage Charter Schools


American Heritage Charter Schools will be closed for the holidays from Friday December 18th through January 4th. School will be back open on Tuesday, January 5th. Continue reading

Escondido Charter High School’s Newest Author

Michael Mboudjeka

What if you were to write a story about a nutty bird and an overbearing bear? Too far-fetched, you say? Better as a best-selling video game, you say? Okay, then how about a couple who journeys to America from the west African Republic of Cameroon , settles initially in Worcester, Massachusetts, relocates across country to Southern California, puts two sons into college, and fields yet another son who puts together a 4.0 eighth grade Grade Point Average while managing to write a 147 page book on top of that? Still too fantastic you say? Well, you know what they say about truth and fiction. Continue reading

Escondido Charter High School receives Top Award at the San Diego County Fair ‘Student Showcase’


Mr. Joseph Darrough and his team were chosen out of all of the high schools in San Diego County to receive the “Spotlight in Education” award this year for their work at the ‘Student Showcase’. Continue reading

Great Opening Day!


It was great to see the happy, smiling faces of our students! Continue reading

Looking Forward to the Start of the 2016-2017 School Year!


We hope you are having a great summer and have been enjoying some interesting and fun adventures! We want you to know that we are looking forward to seeing each of you on Monday, August 15th, the first day of the 2016-2017 school year. Continue reading